Tuition and Billing


We offer 30, 45, and 60-minute weekly private lessons and group classes. 15-minute lessons are available only for 3 & 4-year old students.

DMA prides itself in providing high quality lessons offered by instructors with graduate degrees at an extremely competitive rate. Please see the attached Studio Policy, above, for hourly tuition rates.

Registration can be completed online by selecting one of the packages below or in person. The following Payment types are accepted:

Paypal, Credit Card, Check, Cash. (See our Registration page for more information!)


An installment option will be offered to students who register for the entire semester. Each installment will be due on the 10th of August, September, October, November for the Fall semester, and 3rd of January, February, March, April, and May for the Spring semester. If you miss or reschedule a lesson, the installment amount does not change. This is not based on the number of lessons per month but rather, on the full tuition amount for the Semester, divided into 5 parts. Students will be charged a $10 fee for late payments.


Note: there is a processing fee applied to payments made via Paypal, with Credit Cards. These fees have been included in the amounts below. There is an additional $5 charge (not reflected in the amounts below), if you choose to pay by installments. Please see our studio policy for more information on installment payments work.


Please contact Sam Welsh for any questions regarding registration or visit our registration page. 

Cancellation Policy 

Individual lessons may be cancelled with a minimum of 24-hours' advance notice.

Cancelled lessons may be rescheduled at the discretion of the instructor.

In the event of inclement weather, we will follow closure procedures of the Cherry Creek School District. 

Up to two unused lessons may be transferred to a subsequent term. 

The last week of each semester is reserved for makeup lessons.

Semester packages may be cancelled with a 30-day written notice. Students may opt to take lessons during this period, but payment is required.

Lesson Preparation & Weekly Practice

Practice during the week is an important part of the students' growth. Consistent and quality practice is more important than the amount spent with the instrument. Here are some tips for achieving quality and consistency in your practice:


  1. Atmosphere: create a friendly and positive practice environment for your student by providing a well-lit area and a comfortable seat; include writing and note-taking materials (avoid areas surrounded by distractions).

  2. Time: allocate practice days (5 or 6) and a consistent daily practice time, as you do for your homework (i.e. morning, afternoon, evening).

  3. Timer: keep track of your practice time by using a timer; you can divide up your practice into multiple sessions, depending on your teacher's recommendation.

  4. Goals: set small goals for each practice session that will help you achieve your weekly assignment and long-term goals (talk to your teacher if you need help with this).

  5. Incentives: create incentives for your children that will motivate them to complete their weekly practice (ask your teacher for practice charts).

  6. Participation: participate in the Winter and Spring recitals, as well as in Denver Metro Area music events: our teachers are involved in the local chapters of the Music Teachers National Association and the National Federation of Music Clubs; as a result, our students participate regularly in competitive and non-competitive events. We are proud that our students have achieved top results and have won prestigious competitions. 

  7. Performances: attending concerts and music events can be very inspiring and educational for young musicians. We encourage our students to attend as many events as possible and provide them with information for such events. 

Books & Materials

We maintain a library of new books in our studios. Students can purchase their books from DMA, directly from a music store, or online (Amazon).


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